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Friday,October 7, 2011

Steve: 1955-2011

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We’ve all read the comparisons to Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Alexander Graham Bell and they are fair. However, what Jobs did was different than invention. He saw things “Different”. He saw toll booths that he thought shouldn’t be in place. For example, the IBM command line software in the early 1980s that ruled out mainstream citizens from accessing the personal computer. He saw the music store gateway that robbed artists as well as music consumers of fair access to art. He saw giant telephone firms unresponsive to consumer needs in the nascent mobile phone area and forced AT&T to alter its system-wide software to accept the beneficial changes that the iPhone delivered. It wasn’t that Steve invented things––he directed the invention process so it served a greater good. THAT is more important that having an idea or two and THAT is why he kept “Hitting home runs”.

Job’s Sledge Hammer

In all these technologies and more Steve Jobs by force of will, shut down one toll booth after another. No––Jobs smashed them to bits. Above is a snip from the award-winning 1984 Super Bowl commercial directed by Ridly Scott. <>

That image of the lady hammer thrower being pursued by storm troupers as she ran at full speed towards the Oppressor King, smashed the paradigm of centrist, elitist computing forever. This single picture is who Steve Jobs was and how (IMO) he should be remembered. He saw “Different”, he thought “Different” and compelled excellence by his moral examples. He shaped technology into tools that removed the barriers to full consumer participation and he did that with style and uncommon grace.

Note in 1984, she wears an iPod––a device not invented until 2001. The wonders of historical Photoshop and creative marketing on display.



Thursday,May 14, 2009


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Picture 1Dear Readers:

Stress was low again as the Main Line kept rising at a .67 rate and the DIVG stayed close to its 30-day MA value. Indeed, since January 9th a closely watched Stress Metric has been virtually flat in the low zone.

Expect a sharp up move in gold soon. Once it gets to its former high, Gazelles will too late realize all this has been a trap.

MCDI The newly established regression R^2 value already shows .99 fidelity as the Fed’s econo-physicists get to work holding a down slope for the Dollar. The daily MCDI shows a smallish rounding bottom appearance but I don’t believe that pattern. The most likely Dollar move is down but gold has yet to respond smartly up.

DIVO Brent was $56.76 at the evening marker equivalent. BOTH the MCDI MA as well as the DIVO MA are tracking very nicely in opposite directions and on the same weekly timetable. Gold however, isn’t yet rising, so there’s a temporary disconnect.

These matches are in moving averages of different duration and are unrelated to the daily “Supply/Demand” metrics. Thus, we can see government intervention in high-resolution right here in the MCDI MA and DIVO MA charts. BTW All the important central banks are given advance notice to these changes and place trillions in oil derivatives to their benefit. This is why the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) reports a $10 trillion GAIN over the last 18 months.   Mike

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